Monday, February 8, 2010

Why are our celebrities Pakistan obsessed?

I read somewhere that unhappy people make everyone else unhappy. Happy people are busy living their happy lives. That’s the difference between India and Pakistan. India wants to (and has!) moved to bigger and better things since the partition in 1947. Pakistan on that other hand has not. From an independent country born same time as us, it has instead moved to becoming a terrorist state.

Am sure people there are absolutely lovely and nice and don’t mean any harm to us. BUT collectively that’s not the case. As a government and as a nation they are against India and Indians. There is no other reason to explain everything from 1971 to 26/11 2008 and innumerable others in between.

Pakistan strives for India’s downfall- clean and simple. Let’s not F%^&ing mince words about this.

So why-o-why are our celebrities so bloody Pakistan obsessed? From Dilip Kumar* who attended the Pakistan Independence day to Shahrukh who recently said that Pakistan is a good neighbor and Pakistani cricketers should be included in the IPL.

Sarfarosh, an Aamir starrer based on cross border terrorism, showed Nasserudin as a Pakistani ghazal singer who used his profession to deal in arms to spread terrorism in India. When the movie released in 1999 (a brilliant performance by Aamir, as usual, and a great film), Shabana* said that our films should not portray Pakistani artists in bad light. Of course we shouldn’t. They only kill us, bomb our historic buildings, drove us out of our own homes during the partition- but hey, our movies cannot show them in bad light. That would be sacrilegious!

I am not a huge cricket fan (compared to the Indian cricket religious standards) but even I love a good India-Pakistan cricket match. Especially the ones where we beat the shit out of them (case in point 1999 and 2003 World Cup amongst many others). So I do agree that it’s a cricket lover’s loss when matches against Pakistan are cancelled.

I am hooked to Atif Aslam (Tu jaane na from Ajab Prem ki gajab kahani is topping the charts on my iPod right now). So yes, a music lover does lose out when a Pakistani artist is banned from India.

BUT we cannot differentiate between Pakistan cricketers vs. Pakistani artists vs. regular Pakistani people like you and me. We have to look at the nation as a whole. Individually no one is bad, but collectively they are!

Why is that we have to be politically correct (read: secular) every time and they can be morally, ethically and humanly wrong? Why is that after reading this blog my ‘secular’ friends will judge me to be a Hindu radical? There is NOTHING radical about this! It’s pure common sense. I cannot think of a nation that kills my people as a good neighbor. I cannot defend the “regular peace loving Pakistani people” who just have the misfortune of having a bad government. That’s just BULLSHIT!

Why can’t these celebs stand up and speak out on local issues? Where were they when ethnic cleansing** was going on in Kashmir? When Kashmiri Pandits were massacred and had to flee their homes? Of course they won’t speak on such Indian issues. Its not f$%^ing glamorous is it? And neither does it make much commercial sense.

These same celebrities have had their name, fame, wealth, love, worldwide recognition and appeal BECAUSE THEY ARE INDIANS. India and Indians are responsible to a large extent on what and where they are today. Where would they be had they come from the Pakistan film industry? Dancing at some Dubai Sheikh’s wedding perhaps. (Ooops! Some still do that).

A word of advice for such celebrities (and the above examples are not comprehensive): Be grateful to India. Be patriotic and do more for your Motherland instead of defending our not-so-friendly neighboring county.

And a final word of advice for Pakistan: Live and let live guys! Seriously!! 63 years of pulling us down and you have not succeeded. So just quit trying! Move on and get a life!

* disclaimer: this is hearsay and I don’t have any factual report supporting this. Though I did try searching. Guess Google and Wikipedia don’t have every possible information.

** In 1941 Kashmiri Pandits accounted for 15% of the population. This number in 2006 fell to 0.1%. 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits have been murdered or dislocated, and these are just the reported number.

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