Monday, February 13, 2017

Life, I don't have time for you

I was told everything is transient
I know nothing lasts forever
But I still try and keep
Memories close to my chest
And regrets in my back pocket

I fish these out regularly
And then I reminisce and smile
Or remember and weep
I sometimes get the blues
And other times red in anger

While my memories and regrets take over
Life takes a backseat
It waits patiently for me to take notice
To have a conversation, to share a laugh

But where do I have the time?
There is so much to mull over
So many anecdotes to recollect
Few heartbreaks to get over

And then tragedy strikes
I stop dead in my track
I take stock

I store the memories in a corner
I discard the regrets in the bin
I slowly pick up the threads of conversation with Life
It responds hesitatingly
After awhile I shake its hands confidently, "Can we spend more time together?", I ask
With a hint of a smile, Life replies "I have been waiting for you to say that for years"