Sunday, January 11, 2015

A to Z of Happiness

Accept. Not Amass.

Beauty. Not Botox.

Clever. Not Cunning.

Dream. Not Desire.

Equilibrium. Not Excitement.

Fabulous. Not Filmy.

Glib. Not Glum.

Home. Not House.

Intuition. Not Imitation.

Joyful. Not Jealous. 

Knowledge. Not Know-it-all.

Love. Not Label.

Mother. Not Monitor. 

Now. Not Nay.

Original. Not Off-the-shelf.

People. Not Projects.

Quest. Not Quit.

Rest. Not Rust.

Sweet. Not Sappy.

Traveler. Not Tourist.

Understand. Not Usurp. 

Vivacity. Not Vanity.

Will. Not Whim.

XOXO. Not Xanax.

Young. Not Youth.

Zen. Not Zzzzzzz.

Written while stuck in traffic jam from Colaba to Lower Parel. Inspiration can truly strike anywhere :)

8 Jan 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Wishing for less this New Year

Humans are inherently greedy. We constantly desire for more. Bigger house, better job, more money, expansive hand bags, more elaborate parties, fancier vacations and the list just goes on.

2014 has been a year full of turmoil. Planes have mysteriously disappeared, terrorists have brutally killed innocent children, religious wars have been rampant with unfortunately no end in sight. Personally I have witnessed many shocking and sad occurrences. There has been plenty of good too, which makes you remember to always count your blessings.

So for 2015 I pray for less

Less desires. More acceptance

Less stress. More letting go.

Less acquaintances. More friendships.

Less annoyances. More understanding.

Less asking. More giving.

Less calories. More nutrition.

Less highs. More equanimity.

Less cravings. More peace.

Less parties. More conversations. 

Less acquisition. More enjoyment.

Less chasing. More stability.

Less attachment. More love. 

Less me. More you.

I hope in 2015 I can declutter my mind and heart and be content with less. Here's wishing
.you the same. Because when it comes to being happy, less is more