Sunday, January 11, 2015

A to Z of Happiness

Accept. Not Amass.

Beauty. Not Botox.

Clever. Not Cunning.

Dream. Not Desire.

Equilibrium. Not Excitement.

Fabulous. Not Filmy.

Glib. Not Glum.

Home. Not House.

Intuition. Not Imitation.

Joyful. Not Jealous. 

Knowledge. Not Know-it-all.

Love. Not Label.

Mother. Not Monitor. 

Now. Not Nay.

Original. Not Off-the-shelf.

People. Not Projects.

Quest. Not Quit.

Rest. Not Rust.

Sweet. Not Sappy.

Traveler. Not Tourist.

Understand. Not Usurp. 

Vivacity. Not Vanity.

Will. Not Whim.

XOXO. Not Xanax.

Young. Not Youth.

Zen. Not Zzzzzzz.

Written while stuck in traffic jam from Colaba to Lower Parel. Inspiration can truly strike anywhere :)

8 Jan 2015

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