Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is fairness a lost virtue?

Being fair. It’s simple no? You review both sides of an issue. You keep your personal feelings (and friendships and sexual urges) aside. And then you make an objective decision.

It’s so simple no? Then why can’t people be simply fair?

Is it a lost virtue and I am one of the poor souls still clinging out to it? In today’s dog-eat-dog-world do people always have to check which side their bread is buttered on before they make their judgements? (And could I use any more clichés on one sentence?). Ok, no digressing. Are people so calculative that they can’t make their decision in a just manner?

You merely need to listen, understand, ask questions (relevant ones of course) and then reach your conclusion- justly and fairly.

But people chose to listen to only what (and whom) they want to- selective hearing, understand what’s convenient and never ask questions- lest they show their stupidity. And then they come to ac conclusion and make a decision that so obviously one-sided.

Keep your personal feelings aside, keep your pre-conceived notions at bay, keep your personal agendas and motives away- then try making a decision.

Try it sometimes- it’s not that hard. It’s like cough syrup- difficult to swallow but once done, you will feel better.

So next time you need to make a harsh call, try and be fair. It’s really not that hard.

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