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The Complete Man- Karna

And no, he did not wear Raymonds. He wore his trademark kavach and kundals which were with him since birth. And giving them away was one of the steps in his downfall.

Well, unless you are Sanil, I think I would have lost you by now.

And if you still want to stay with me, best I start at the beginning....

- Raymond’s (India’s leading formal garments manufacture) commercial since the 80s positions the man who wears Raymonds as the The Complete Man 

- The man I am talking about who per me is the Complete Man did not wear Raymonds

- Because that man walked these lands eons ago when Raymonds suits were not really in fashion or even heard about

- And many would argue that this complete man I am talking about does not really exist

- He is not a movie character or a fictional book character

- He is a person from Indian mythology. And I say ‘person’ not ‘character’ as I believe that Indian mythology stories are real

- If I have you still with me, let me divulge that the Indian mythology I am talking about is the great and one and only- Mahabharat

- And the reason I referred to Sanil at the onset is because, besides me, he the only person I know who can listen to Mahabharat tales over and over again

So if by now you have not guessed where I am leading, then I recommend you stop reading. As you would not relate to anything from now onwards in this post.

The complete man (and my dream man) is Karna.

There was no one like him. And I don’t think there ever will be anyone like him.

For the uniformed, life of Karna in a nutshell. (Actually I tried to do it a nutshell but it was simply not possible to do justice to his story. So its definitely more than a nutshell.)

Karna’s Birth:

Karna was the illegitimate eldest son of Kunti. Kunti whose claim to fame in life is that she is the mother of the Pandavas- who basically are the heroes of the Mahabharat. 5 brothers- all righteous, brave, handsome and courageous. Kunti gave up Karna when he was born as she was unmarried (think of it like a modern teenage pregnancy).

Karna’s Formative Years

Karna was adopted by a chariot driver (think chauffeur). He had a modest upbringing but he always knew he was meant for bigger and better things. So he went to Guru Parshuram to learn the Art of War. The Guru only taught Brahmans (the equivalent to elite kids), so Karna lied to him that he was a Brahman.

Legend goes that one day his Guru (teacher) was sleeping on his lap and a scorpion bit Karna on his back. The sting was great that blood was dripping down his body. But Karna did not budge lest his Guru’s sleep got disturbed. But the hot blood spilled on the Guru and he woke up with a start. When he saw the scorpion’s bite on Karna’s back he was furious. He knew that a Brahman could never bear such pain. And thus he confronted Karna about his lie. Karna admitted to the truth- he was a Kshatriya (warrior) not a Bharman. The Guru was angry and cursed him that because he lied to his teacher, all his teachings would fail Karna when he needs them the most. 2nd reason for Karna’s downfall.

Karna was shocked to be kicked out of the school and as he was walking home, he killed a cow purely by error. The cow’s owner cursed him (it was really not a good day for Karna) that just the way Karna killed a cow when she could not defend herself, he too one day would be killed when he was defenceless. 3rd step in his downfall.

At this juncture I would like to pause and remind my readers that curses were HUGE on Indian mythology. Almost every major event in Mahabharat can be attributed directly towards a curse. Think after the debacle of Mahabharat, the Gods decided to not allow the use of curses so freely. Can you imagine if you and I had the power to curse someone? OMG! Disaster would strike! Every time a client rejected a script, someone would curse someone- it would just not be pretty!

Meeting Duryodhan

This was the turning point in Karna’s life. He was the best archer in the country. Yes, he was better than Arjun! It’s a little known fact that when Kuru princes- Pandavas (good brothers) and the Kauravas (their evil cousins- 100 in all- don’t ask how!) had come together to showcase (show off is more like it) their skills, Dronacharya (the royal teacher) did not let Karna compete because he knew Karna would kick Arjun’s ass.

So Dornacharaya questioned him about his parentage and when he revealed that he was a charioteer’s son, he was disqualified from the championship. This was when Duryodhan stepped him and made Karna the king of Angad and offered his hand in friendship.

Karna never forgot this grand gesture and vowed to be Duryodhan’s friend for life. And thus Karna became a part of the bad guy’s camp.


Between meeting Duryodhan and the war of Mahabharat, a great many things happened- but I will have to leave that for another post. Bottom line the good guys (Pandavas) fought a war against the bad guys (Kauravas). The war of Kurukshetra- the fight that symbolised the triumph of good over evil.

Before the war many people tried to sway Karna to fight on the side of the Pandavas (the good guys for the people who can’t keep up)- who were technically his brothers. The first person to try it was Lord Krishna. He used the lure of the kingdom. Then was his birth mother Kunti- who tried to evoke the responsibility of a son and the emotions of a mother. (I never really liked Kunti. Who gives up a child like that? And even now she was acting out of motherly emotions, alright. But they were for her real sons the Pandavas and not necessarily for her illegitimate son Karna). He most courteously refused her too, but with a promise that he would only kill Arjum (his nemesis) and none of his other half-brothers.

Lord Indra who was Arjun’s God tricked Karna into giving up his kavach (shield- which Karna never took out as it had magical powers to protect him). Karna knew it was Lord Indra disguised as a beggar asking for his kavach. But as it was a request he received right his morning bath and prayer, he complied- as Lord Indra knew he would. That’s why Karna was known as “Danveer Karna” (the generous one). Lord Indra was so impressed with Karna’s generosity and principles that he gave him a weapon that would never fail. But it could only be used once. Karna had always intended to use this weapon against Arjun as it was an infallible weapon.

Karna owed his allegiance to Duryodhan even though he knew in his heart that Duryodhan was in the wrong. Karna’s anger towards the Pandav clan for not accepting him and his enmity with Arjun in particular were his only failings. So even though Karna knew he was fighting on the side of evil, he took Duryodhan’s side in the great war of Mahabharat.

During the War

• Krana lived up to his promise to Kunti. He had an opportunity to kill each one of his half-brothers (except Arjun) but he let them go.

• He was saving his infallible weapon for Arjun- as that would guarantee him victory. But when Ghatorkaj (Bheem’s half-demon son) was killing off the Kaurava army by the hundreds, Karna could not bear to watch the poor soldiers die like that. So he used the infallible weapon gifted to him by Indra on Ghatorkaj.

• And then came the fateful day...

Even the Gods had stopped to watch the archery war between the 2 greats- Arjun and Karna. And at the height of the clash, the wheel of Karna’s chariot got stuck in the mud. Karna got off his chariot to get the wheel out.

And now came that moment which brings up the question which is older than Mahabharat itself- Do the ends justify the means?

Krishna instructed Arjun to kill Karna while he was ‘nihatha’ (weaponless) even though rules of war state that no warrior will raise his arms against an opponent who is without his weapon. But Krishna knew that in a fair war, Arjun would not be able defeat Karna. His rationale was that killing Karna was critical to win the war and hence a necessary evil.

Also the 2 curses worked against Karna too:

1) His guru’s teachings failed him when he needed them most

2) He would be killed when he was defenceless just like he had killed the cowherd’s cow

And Arjun raised his bow and shot an arrow that pierced Karna’s heart.

I cry whenever I read this part of the story. It’s so sad! Poor Karna! Not many people were left to grieve him either. So that was the end of Karna’s tragic life story.

And now to the topic of this post- Why is Karna the complete man?

1) His Looks

We all know how important those are! Karna was supposed to be very handsome. More so than even the Pandav brothers- Nakul and Sahdev-who have been said to be most handsome amongst all the 5  Pandav brothers. Tall, board shoulders, radiant face and a winning smile (OK I added the winning smile bit, as there are not many Karna images available with him smiling. But my heart knows he had one!)

2) His Scruples

Karna was a very principled man. Truthful, honest, forthright, courageous, generous and most important loyal. His loyalty was a double edged sword though. As even though his loyalty towards Duryodhan was rightly placed as a friend, it led him to fight on the side of evil.

3) His Personality and Character

Karna never got his dues- not as a son, not as a warrior, not as a King. But he never gave up. His entire life from birth to his demise was a struggle. At every turn he had to fight for his right. Nothing ever came easy to him. But that never made him bitter against humanity. He was truly a noble sprit who constantly strived, but seldom achieved. He is still idealized as an inspiration for struggling humanity to not lose heart.

4) Simply the Best

It is said that when Drupadi was once praying for a husband, she asked that her husband be:

1) Righteous and good

2) Strong and brave

3) A great warrior

4) Good looking

5) Handsome

Lord Shiva told her that no one man can have all the 5 qualities. But as Drupadi (who was extremely stubborn) would not relent, Lord Shiva granted her wish. Except she had to be the wife of 5 brothers- each Pandav brother had one of the qualities she desired. Yudhistra (righteous and good); Bheem (strong and brave); Arjun (a great warrior); Nakul and Sahdev (good looking/handsome).

However it is said, Karna had all these 5 qualities- he was after all technically the eldest of Kunti’s son. He simply had the best of all the 5 Pandava brothers rolled into 1.

5) The underdog

Finally Karna always has had everyone sympathies- as he was the underdog. He is the classic rags to riches story (well almost). He fought, he strived and he paid a heavy price for it all. He never got the love and the respect that he carved for all his life. And his achievements were glorified and his noble spirit honoured, only after his death.

For me...

...Karna symbolizes lost love. He was someone who had so much to give, but had no one to give it to. There was no one who would accept him for what and who he was. He was charming, loving, principled, generous. He was the simple nice guy, but with the edgy attitude. He stood his ground with an élan that befits a true hero.

Karna is my dream man. And if he walked the earth today, I so hope he will find his way to me.

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  1. Interesting analogy. I think you missed out the 'love interest' angle. He could have "won" Draupadi at her swayamvar (not my views, I'm merely stating how things were done in those days), but being a charioteer’s son, he was disqualified yet again :(

  2. That is very true! But he is my complete man, so did not want to get Draupadi love interest angle in my post :)

    1. Yes Karna is almost GODLIKE both in appearance and prowess , pandavas are overglorified which was pointed out in jaimini mahabharat . jaimini was a student of vyasa , when vyasa taught him mahabharata , he became doubtful because vyasa's mb seemed interpolated and overrated towards pandavas which seemed too truthful to digest . So when he tried to clear his doubt , vyasa avoided and ignored him and went to sanyas , then he approached to markandey - the immortal but he took maun vrat , finally he came across four birds who saw the entire mahabharat with their own eyes , they dictated their version of mahabharat which was totally different from what his guru taught him , so he wrote that down and formed his own version in mahabharata in which beleive it or not Karna was the most powerful warrior ever existed and was far superior than Arjuna , for example , karna had the ability to shoot 80'000 arrows per release where as arjuna had 60'000 , so while battling nakula and sahadeva combined 20'000 more arrows to match karna's tenacity . and moreover we get many characters which were never mentioned in vyasa's version like vrishketu -youngest son of karna , and padmavati , karna's second wife . here arjuna was described as doubtful and dependent warrior who always relies on others . he even gets defeated by group of women here [ not that I'm an anti-feminist ] and uloopi dragged arjuna by his hair to her realm . So when vyasa got news of jaimini's composition , he left his sanyas and condemed jaimini saying that he stole his composition .

  3. While the Pandavas and Kauravas play the game of dice, is it true that it was Karna who suggested that Draupadi too should be removed of her jewelry and clothes?

    1. At the game of the dice while pandavas lost everything including their wife draupadi to duryodhana ,he asked his brother to bring her to the sabha.karna is a rightfully person and cannot let this happen, but he could not disobey his kings order .so in order to make the pandavas angrier he wantedly suggested that draupadi should be removed of her clothes too so that at least by then pandavas will start fighting rather than sitting like ducks. This was explained by Krishna to draupadi later in the mahabharata

    2. At the game of the dice while pandavas lost everything including their wife draupadi to duryodhana ,he asked his brother to bring her to the sabha.karna is a rightfully person and cannot let this happen, but he could not disobey his kings order .so in order to make the pandavas angrier he wantedly suggested that draupadi should be removed of her clothes too so that at least by then pandavas will start fighting rather than sitting like ducks. This was explained by Krishna to draupadi later in the mahabharata

    3. At the game of the dice while pandavas lost everything including their wife draupadi to duryodhana ,he asked his brother to bring her to the sabha.karna is a rightfully person and cannot let this happen, but he could not disobey his kings order .so in order to make the pandavas angrier he wantedly suggested that draupadi should be removed of her clothes too so that at least by then pandavas will start fighting rather than sitting like ducks. This was explained by Krishna to draupadi later in the mahabharata

  4. Yes it is true. As Karna was angry when Draupadi humiliated him at her swayamvar. She asked in front of all the people what his parentage was. This was to insult him and expose his as a charioteer's son. That disqualified him from the swayamvar too. It is believed that Krishna encouraged her to do so, as otherwise Karna could have won the competition and Draupadi would not be able to wed Arjun.

  5. draupadi had a crush on Karna....

  6. commenting a bit late i know but totally agree with u karna was a rockstar even arjuna and krishna hesitated a few times before engaging in battle with him,it was karna who encouraged him and when they killed him, the blow from the conch shells which was supposed to be a victorious note was infact a very sad one blown by arjuna and krishna as if a part of their soul had died

  7. I have to say... amazing! That there are people who walk the earth and dwell and dream of Karna. He is truly one of the most enigmatic characters as well as attractive. I totally agree with your point of view!
    Best wishes!

  8. Karna was the ultimate warrior. Since history is always written by the winners, Arjun is depicted as the better of the two. But no chance..always Karna. Hail Karna!

  9. Arjuna was in fact the 6th person to kill Arjuna:

    1. Parushurama when he cursed Karna that he will forget the Bramastra when he needs it the most.

    2.Indira when as disguised as a Brahmin takes his Kavacha & Kundalas.

    3.Kunti who makes him do a promise that he will use his nagastra only once.

    4. Krishna, who deflects the nagatra.

    6. Karna's charioteer Shalya deserts when the chariot gets stuck in loose soil.

  10. I liked your story, but fact is that now Hinduism is going to extent, we need to re-educate our children about the greatness of our religion and culture.....
    i hope this is type of step to preserve our culture and religion.
    i thank for your effort. Keep on going. May god give you more strength and prosperity for your good work.

    Jai Sriram.

  11. Great post.

    Karna is an inspiration to us all.

    The 5 qualities of the ideal husband that Draupadi wished for were:

    1. Righteous (Yudhisthir)
    2. Strong (Bheema)
    3. Great Warrior (Arjun)
    4. Wise (Sahadev)
    5. Handsome (Nikul)

  12. Wow! From all my posts, this one has got the most comments! Did not realize that people are interested in Mahabharat any more...thank you all :)

    1. Thanks for the beautiful info

      If one reads Mahabharat'll learn how to live the life...and what's life.
      I dont think any mythology across the world can be compared with Mahabharat.

  13. I sincerly do believe tht karna was the best of he fighters and a pretty decent man too.
    the only reason bhishma pitamah, didnt let him fight under his wing, was coz he knew, tht if two of the greatest warriors of tht time, (ie-karna and bhishma)fought on the same side toghether, pandavas didnt had a chance in a million to win the war!

  14. I agree with you Seema all that you've said about Karna. He is my secret heart throb too. All my life i have been searching for someone like him but never found him.

  15. sometimes God's loyalty lies elsewhere and he can be an opponent, but seeing the indrayis destiny they could outplay even divine obstacles.
    Karna is the incarnation of the Sun on Earth, Surya is like Brahma, a compassionate and loyal diety, but even Brahma's boons go to demons at times.
    had the kauravas won, Karna would surely have send an alike message to Krishna's, but who know what would have happened to Earth had the divine senses not overcome the 5 sins.

  16. I just find this. I wish I would have lived when Karna was around , I am in love with a man that does not exist anymore.

  17. Nice Blog:)

    He is truly inspiration and ideal for me....

    I read the mrutyunjay novel it's biography on karna nice one and my Favorite.
    (I also cry when the situation comes when he is going to die)

    When Arjun sent his anjalika the celestial weapon to kill Karna.
    the shaft stuck in his neck at that time Krishna also cried in grief and jump from the chariot and came to Karna. Krishna knew this is time when the pandavas will get the great victory and
    Karna would get eternal glory which will sounds in every yuga.
    when Karna was dying A beggar came to battlefield and ask Karna for the "DAN" Karna has nothing left but his two golden teeth, he ordered his son to break them,as Fathers respect and order with great grief he broke his Father's teeth. teeth stained with his blood he could not give it to the beggar, he washed them with his tears and gave them. all of were stunned by this including Pandavas.

    He is the only man in Mahabharta whom Krishna gave the "Agni" at the time of his funeral.

  18. Dear Seema,

    The Story of Karna has another history to it. There was a great Demon King Sahasra Kavacha who did a great penance and took boon from Lord Brahma so that he was given 1000 Kavacha or shields of protection. He also sought a boon asking lord Brahma that any person wanting to break a single shield should do 1000 years of Penance (Thapa/Thapas) and the request was granted.

    Thus armed by these great power of Kavachas he went on a rampage to all the worlds. Deva,Gandharva,Yaksha,Kinnara,Naga and Manusya ganas were not spared by him. All these people went to lord Brahma and he inturn sent them to Lord Siva. Lord Siva suggested them to approach Lord Vishnu and he promised them refuge and thus he incarnated as sages Nara and Narayana as sons of Lord Dharma and his wife Ahimsa (Murti).

    Nara-Narayana started their devine penance (Thapas) and started fighting sahsrakavacha. Since they were born out of a single source (Lord Vishnu) they are considered as one and while one was fighting sahasra kavacha the other one continued the penance. Over a period of time they succeeded in destroying 999 Kavachas. Realizing that his end is nearing Sahasra Kavacha started his retreat and was rightly followed by Nara-Narayana. The chase went on and finally Sahasra Kavacha entered the Savitur Loka (The world of the Savita or Aditya Narayana-which is mentioned as the gist of the Gayatri mantra).

    Since Savitur Loka was considered as the most purest world Sage Narayana refrained Nara and asked him to give up the chase. Sage Nara was not happy with the decision but Narayana said that bloodshed in this purest of place should not be done. He also said that the last Kavacha will be destroyed in the right time at the right place.

    Sahasra Kavacha took refuge in Savitur Loka and the sanctity and aura of the place refined his soul to a great extent. When Kunti chanted the mantra and Lord Surya gave this purified soul in a human form and thus born Karna with a Kavacha and a Kundala. Even though he was born as a good soul because of his root karma was evil he was in the side of evil (Duryodhana) during Mahabharata war.

    During the battle between Karna and Arjuna – Karna’s Chariot gets immersed into the mud and Krishna advices Arjuna to kill Karna. Arjuna denies the instruction and says that he cant kill someone who is not armed. The Krishna says
    “Hey Kaunteya (Arjuna) you and me had many previous lives, I remember those and you don’t. We have fought thousands of years to destroy him and this is the time" – Thus Lord Krishna reminds Arjuna that they are re-incarnations of Sages Nara and Narayana. Thus Karna was Killed. Hope this would bring a lot of clarity to the issue.

    with best regards

    1. thanks for this story too! or else i was always thinking why did Shri Krishna do something like that to karna

  19. Dear Seema,

    I also sincerely pray to the Lord Almighty that your wish for the perfect man be fulfilled and your life be full of spiritual joy.

    Hare Krishna

  20. man! a wealth of knowledge i just gained!!!

  21. karna had 2 wives
    now thats a complete man!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I find a lot of similarity between Karna & Gatsby!
    Both of them were truly the two greatest tragic heroes ever!

  24. i have written a play in which the story of Mahabharata takes another turn - Arjuna refuses to fight for Pandavas despite persuasion by Krishna and advises his brothers to leave the decision to Bhishma Pitamaha. Only Bhishma knows that Karna is the love child of Kunti (not a surya putra) chooses Karna as the eldest son of Kunti to rule Hastinapur after Dhrutrashtra. Any one who wants to read the play "SUTAPUTRA" can get a soft copy by sending a request to

  25. a few people here on this page have even forgotten to mention that Anga's King Karn had promised his bio mom Kunti that he would never use any weapon against Arjun more than once ---- the most powerful weapon that he'd used against Arjun on the 16th Day waz the Naagastr

  26. Shalya , who was the charioteer of Karn on the request of the moron Duryodhan, waz, on the request of Yudhishtthiir, constantly been dampening the spirits of Karn {& even isolated Karn & the chariot on the 17th Day when the wheels got stuck} & when Karn waz about to hurl the Naagastra, he said that Karn should aim that at Arjun's chest, az he waz irritating Karn, Karn decided to do the opposite & aimed it at Arjun's neck ---- Arjun waz caught napping [though not a sitting duck] 2 da Naagastra & thus Shrii Krishnn pressed the wheels of Arjun's chariot 4~5 inches into the earth & the Naagastra only decimated Arjun's crown instead of decapitating Arjun.

  27. Arjun waz even rendered weaponless on the 16th Day but the Sun had set & Karn decided not to continue that day's proceedings in conformation to the rules set by Atii Mahaarathii Bheeshma Mahaamahim b4 the start of war, unless, Arjun would have set out for Swargaloke that very day.

  28. Karn broke Abhimanyu's bow from behind possibly on Dron's command. Karn & Don did not wholeheartedly attack & fight ruthlessly against Abhi, caring about the latter's tender age perhaps.

  29. I don't know how some morons & dullards say that Karn participated in the assail over Drupada ----- he wazn't Dron's student, so how the hell can HE give guru dakshinaa to someother warriors' guruu, who himself is the disciple of Karn's preceptor, Bhagwaan Parashuraam????? Which logic on earth justifies such foolish thoughts??!!!!!!!!!

  30. How can a respected king & a great warrior challenge a Brahmin youth who's just won a bride ----- there4, what logic can those people, who say that Arjun defeated Karn after Draupadi's Swayamvar, present to counter my logic???!!!!!!!

  31. As far as I know, Karn waz drunk during the Gandharva episode & in the Viratt episode, Arjun made a shock attack & laid every opponent warrior 2 sleep using the Sammohana astra, so does dat make him a better warrior than Bheesma, Dron, Karn, Aswatthama, Kripachaarya etc. ?????

  32. Draupadi had every right to reject Karn from participation in her swayamvara ------- she, & 4 dat matter noone or no woman, has any right by any stretch of imagination to insult his/her suitor just on the basis of the victim's resume & origin & birth [regarding which, the criminal isn't even fully abreast of]; this crime iz just not public insult, it is RACISM ---- a crime 4 which criminals get CAPITAL PUNISHMENT on many occasions in countries like USA etc..

  33. As far as I know, Arjun's chariot waz driven with the speed of mind & none other than Lord Hanumaan sat atop that Chariot holding the flag & none other than Lord Shree Krishnn having b-cum the charioteer, then y the hell did Lord Indra need to take away Karna's KUNDALs??? I can, going by logic, understand that the KAVACH needed to be removed, lest, Karn would never die & thus never cease to combat, whereas all the Pandavas are mortals, consequently, evil would triumph over good, unri8eousness would've pummelled ri8eousness, which v cannot just let happen, OKAYY, but y the hell, acc 2 which logic on earth, did the KUNDAL need 2 b removed man????

  34. y could not Arjun counter Karn's Naagastra with either the Garudaastra or Anjalika weapon or Aindraastra or Suryastra & y the hell did then Arjun not use [even in such great danger] Brahmaastra or BrahmaShir Astra or even the PaashupatAstra??????????? Would Arjun've happily accepted death at the hands of Karn, without using the PaashupatAstra just bcoz he deemed P'astra 2 b too devastating????? If dat waz so, y the hell did he, at Mahaa Brahma Rishy Veda Vyaasa's hut/aashram, then reply to Aswaththaama's BrahmaShira Astra with a counter BrahmaShira Astra????? Is Brahmashira Astra negligibly catastrophic to the general mass compared to the PaashupatAstra????????? Nopes, BrahmaShira Astra waz 4th power squared to the deadly Brahmaastra, so imagine what mayhem/carnage BrahmaShir Astra could bring!!!!!

  35. Karn, by virtue of his promise/bondage/vow/loyalty/swearing of oath & allegiance, had 2 be faithful to the evil 3some Duryodhana, Shakunii & dushshaasana!!! he HAD TO fall in line with their tactics/plans/intentions/motives, much akin 2 how Mahaamahim Bheeshm, Kriipaachaarya, Guruu DronaAachaarya, etc. & even perhaps Vidura had to conform/comply to the decision of Mahaaraaj Dhritaraashttra —– if u swear allegiance to an absolute level/xtent, how would you desert your master/friend/ally/partner/commander?? Doesn’t those who call/take/consider Karna also 2 b a mischief/trouble maker, understand the logic that y on earth has the Indian army never gone on the offensive despite vile provokes from Pak & y Indian forces came back after having conquered a gr8 deal of Pak in 1948 or y Ind released tens of thouscands of PoWs in 1971 —- Ind millitary or armed forces have to strictly follow you know who!!! Similar iz the logic y Indian intelligensia etc. & int/ext. security agencies etc. have yet pardoned & absolved guyz like Hafeez Saeed & Dawood Ibraahim instead of smoking them out right from Pakistan & pulverizing walloping mauling them in a 3rd party nation like Afghanistan or Lanka or EastBengal etc. {something that the Israeli Mossaadd does ever & anon, tym & again 2 whosoever breaches Israel’s people’s ri8 to security]

  36. I named my son Radheya..... after Karna who is my hero.

    I too cry when I read of Karna's death, no matter how many times i read the same words, or even in Amar Chitra Katha


  38. Please dont use word KICK ASS...Arjuna was equally great....Krisna ji used trick because neither could defeat either...war could be extended till the end of times....but it was a dharamyudh and needed to end before kaliyug...

  39. really beautiful information....thanks
    he is my ideal hero ab initio.
    and i have a same wish like you...want to meet day.

  40. Dear Friends,

    I'm looking for the animated movie of The Great Karna. I have seareched lot of videos to find but didnt get any other videos except the "Karna- the Rise and fallen archer"which is available in You Tube. Im looking for more animated series of Karna.

    Its highly appreciated if anybody provide the updates or link regarding Karna.


  41. Seema,

    Your post was good, but not good enough...When you say you love him, it needs to be simply Great.

    Try to Live with Pride, think, devote, be friend, passion, Giver (Danveer), A worrior....Its not difficult to be spectator and give out briefings...Be a warrior in the war and lead to victory...Then you will understand true Karna...A new way of thinking for you....:)

    Your post was good...thanks

  42. actually after karna was cursed by loed parashurama.Upon Karna's pleading, Parshurama relented and modified his curse, saying that Karna would only lose the knowledge when he needed it most when fighting against an equal warrior.[9] Rewarding Karna's diligence, he gave him his personal celestial weapon Bhargavastra which no one else possessed. Repenting over a curse made in anger, and in order to nullify said curse, Parashurama gave Karna his personal bow Vijaya(the bow of lord shiva given to parashurama)
    to be ever victorious in battle and blessed Karna with greatness.

  43. U r absolutely right ppl should abstain from using abusive words for one of the greatest warrior and equally righteous man Arjuna.. How can one use such language against Arjuna whom the Lord Krishna himself considered his best frnd.. Arjuna deserves more than respect for being one of the greatest and humble at the same time.. But yes Shashwat I would differ from ur view that neither could defeat either coz as far as competition between Karna and Arjun is considered Karna was unarguably better than Arjuna and had it not been for the Lord Krishna Arjuna could not have survived Karna's blows..

  44. your words are pathetic.

  45. I want to ask you a question. How do you justify Karna's act in Draupadi's Vastraharan?

    I am also a great admirer of Karna.
    But I feel he did something which was against his character.
    He abused Draupadi during her vastra haran. I know that Draupadi did call him a Sootputra during her Swayamvar, but that cannot make up for his act. Instead, I feel, that if he would have taken a stand in that court(Vastraharan act) and tried to convince Duryodhan the shameful act he is doing and should have threatened him to stop it and if not Karna should have left everything he gave and ended his friendship then and there.
    But what did Karna choose, he abused her.
    My friend, you cry for Karna for he was the strongest of all and a rightful heir to the throne, and should have been alive.
    But his choice of Karma was very low and degraded.

    The Great Lord Krishna was not afraid of Arjuna's capabilities to defeat Karna. It was Karna and the Kaurava's who used unfair means to kill Arjuna's Son Abhimanyu. And his participation in this unfair act led to him to his death. Your choice of actions are so important in life is to be learnt in this situation.

    One last thing to say,
    I admire Karna, for his will power and dedication to be the world's best archer, which he became.
    But I will never admire him for the choice of actions he made in his life. For as you sow, so shall you reap.

    "Jai Shri Krishna!"

    1. So what about the unfair means used by Arjuna and Lord Krishna, the man behind it all. How to you justify all this?