Saturday, March 12, 2011

I will never be the woman who...

• Knows bouncers to get access to exclusive night clubs

• Owns a Birkin bag

 • Can dance on “Bollywood” numbers without a sufficient account of alcohol in her system

• Gets drunk after 3 tequilla shots

• Can flirt back in a witty fashion

• Can make round and soft chapattis

• Knows anything more about the stock market expect that it exists and people make and lose money on it

• Has a patli kamar to lachkao

• Sits on PTA committees

• Can always talk in a calm voice

• Can laugh softly

• Is bored in a library or a book store

• Allows a man to carry her bags

• Can carry off the cargo pants-white shirt look

• Is able to walk with style in stilettos. Scratch that. Can wear stilettos in the first place

• Can wear a red dress and look hot and stylish (instead of looking like an older version of red riding hood)

• Can sit through a Farah Khan movie and not get a headache

• Can miss a Aamir Khan movie and not be bothered

• Stops believing in miracles

• Eats like a wannabe anorexic girl

• And the last one to borrow from Carrie of SATC fame... I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it :)

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