Saturday, October 1, 2011

When was the last time you…

·         Got drenched in the rain and did not mind it at all

·         Sang your favourite song aloud without bring drunk

·         Did something outrageous which makes you blush even thinking about it

·         Went sailing

·         Swan in the ocean

·         Spoke on the phone with your best for over an hour

·         Felt so loved by your child that it brought tears to your eyes

·         Read a book that you simply could not put down

·         Prayed for someone else besides your own family

·         Relived your childhood by spending an afternoon with your brother or sister

·         Had a long lost song stuck in your head and had to download it and listen to it at least 5 times and it sounded better each time

·         Got a phone call from a loved one that made you whoop up in joy at their good news

·         Saw a handsome stranger and you did a double take

·         And he saw you do that…and gave you the once over

·         Took a bubble bath

·         Slept on the train and missed your station

·         Thought of something funny and laughed aloud on the street…when you were alone…

·         Cut class to watch a movie…better still…skipped a meeting to do the same

·         Sat on your window watching the rain fall

·         Took a nice long afternoon nap

·         Went for a walk with your partner and held hands all through the way

·         Watched a film that made your eyes misty

·         Took an unplanned spontaneous holiday

·         Stopped and lend a stranger a helping hand or a friendly smile

I know life is good as I have done almost all of the things on the list above at least once in the last two months. If you haven’t, start today. It will make your heart smile. That’s a guarantee.

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