Saturday, November 5, 2011

Facing our fears

What is your biggest fear? Fear of losing your life? Fear of losing someone you love? Fear of losing your job? Fear of losing your beauty? Fear of losing your wealth? Fear of losing your youth? Fear of losing out to your competitor? Fear of losing face?

Human being's biggest fear is the fear of losing.

Yes there are things we fear too- snakes (my biggest one), darkness, closed spaces, etc.

And then there are people who instill fear in us. When we think of them, we feel a cold chill. People we don't have the courage to stand up against.

But if you probe deeper, you will realise that its still fear of losing. Losing our dignity, losing our honor, losing our confidence, losing our self worth. And these are bigger losses than jobs, money and fortune.

The only way to deal with these fears is to face them squarely. Looking at them straight in the eye. And not flinching even if voices (or hands) are raised.

Because bullies should simply not be feared. As they are biggest cowards themselves.

What we need to lose is the fear. And the tears.

What can't be won by love, can be conquered by courage. Courage to face our own demons- the ones that live inside us. And the ones who walk the earth.

As I add another year to my life today, I pray for courage to overcome my fears.

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