Sunday, July 7, 2013

The value of YOU

The value of You lies in your heart, your mind and your soul. The operative word here is YOUR. Not mine, or his, or hers or theirs. Just yours. Yet we constantly use the views of others to judge and consequently value ourselves. 

People who earn more than us are quizzical about our career choices that don't rake in the moolah and suddenly we question ourself "Should I be doing something more lucrative?". Others who have made different life choices than us make us doubt about our choices even though we know in our heart and mind the reason as well as the need of our choice. Girls with killer abs make us feel conscious of our flabby bits. Guys with motorbikes and toned biceps make us wonder why our husbands/ boy friends are not more like that. Neighbours in big apartments make us look around our lovingly built home and sigh. Twentysomethings make us realise that we don't have the energy and gusto that use to.

It is not these younger, thinner, prettier, richer and more successful people who make us doubt ourselves. We do it all on our own! We revise our value depending on how other make us feel. 

An unreturned phone call means you are not loved. An ignored invite equates to you are not popular. One failed project equals you are not successful.

You need to reevaluate the value of you, by you. What makes you special, what makes you unique, what makes you desirable. YOU are the best judge of that. Not your mum, or your friend, or your child, or you ex-boyfriend, or your husband or even the love of your life ( in case the two are not mutually exclusive). 

So prepare a balance sheet of you today. On the right-hand side list your liabilities- your anger, the envy, the self-doubt, your regrets, your fears. And on the left-hand side list your assets- personality, attitude, ability to love, willingness to give, goodwill generated over the years, your dreams, your hopes. Keep on writing till your assets far outnumber your liabilities.

You don't need VC or even a CPA to evaluate you. The value of You can only be found by you. And you need to start looking on the inside. Not outside. 

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  1. Seema, really deep. Agree with it 100%, and easy to understand, though harder to internalize.