Thursday, March 6, 2014

Leap of faith

When day dreams are like walking on clouds
And night dreams are like falling from a cliff
When hidden smiles have meanings sweet
And visible frowns are signs of lovers tiff

When sunrise greets with fuzzy warmth
And moonrise leads to starry eyes
When walking feels like dancing on tippy toes
And the stomach is fluttered with butterflies

When every door opens to something new
And every window is a sight into the glorious
When logs are ablaze with fires amber
And the heart simply feels victorious

When sand teases with naughty tickling 
And ships set sail to lands afar
When the breeze flirts and sometimes mocks 
And sky is fiery with kites galore

It's a time of change, a time to change
Where life is that the brink of the uncharted
And luck can change with every roll of a dice
Get up, risk it, even if you may falter

Coz life brings you the pleasures unknown
To tempt to you to take that fleeting chance
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Take the leap of faith without a second glance

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