Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Childhood Home

Childhood homes are a special place. Mine I think is almost magical. It's where I grew up and I wish someday I could grow old. It's not a big house, but it has a big heart. It has embraced various family members, old and new. And continues to do so. Over the years the noise levels around have gone up, long ago we had to bid adieu to the sea view and the building now appears in a state of disarray. However once you step inside B-42 Dakshina Park, you enter a different world. A world where my childhood is still awaits me. A world where time stands still. A world where I always breathe easier. This is home. 

It's the home of summer, where sea breezes visit
It's the calmness of palm trees, where hammocks swing
It's bears the joy of untold tales
And the smiles of secrets shared
It's where bonds of friendships grow tighter
And where family ties get stronger 

It belongs to my childhood nostalgia
Which is re-visited every year
It's where my children rediscover me
And build memories of their own

It's mine and mine alone, now I can't say
It lives in the hearts of all those whom it's touched
It now belongs to Sanil, to Myrah, to Kabir
But in my heart it feels like it speaks to me alone 

It's a sanctuary where I am reborn
It's my home where a part of me still lives

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