Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Karmic Entanglements

It's said that any person who crosses paths with us, however brief or passing the meeting is- has a past karmic connection with us.

Think back to random strangers you have encountered who uplifted your day in some manner. A funny cabbie who made you laugh when you were getting antsy about the traffic jam. A generous bus passenger who bought you a ticket when you were grappling for change. The lady in the grocery store who let you get ahead in line when you were struggling with your toddler in the trolley. The cute guy who sent you the drink at the bar. The teacher who made you look at History differently. Each of these occurrences were fated. Every person was one you were meant to meet. 

Then what about the people who burst into our lives as a gust of joy and then leave behind a torrent of tears? Who make fairy tales come alive and then forget that there should be a happily ever after. Whose smiles turn our world around and whose pain stops the same world. Who give us wings, then clip them. Who clasp our hands tightly, then let go of them effortlessly. Who forget about the love that once existed and now lies lifeless.

Is there some karmic debt that we owed them? Was this a payback of some sort? 

Or is that they came into our life to remind us that nothing lasts forever. To make us realise that we should relish the present, without setting expectations for the future. To show us that short-lived happiness of the past does not mean long-lasting pain in the present. To warn us that both joy and sorrow have a shelf life. 

The perhaps come into our lives to fill it with what was missing. And once we have that, they release us  to embrace other experiences. May be they are meant to teach us to be brave. Brave enough to put ourselves out there and brave enough to deal with disappointment of sometimes being alone there. 

Our paths perhaps cross to remind us the greatest truth of all. We need to set people free. We have to let go. Release them for their next adventure. Bid them adieu on their journey. Because ultimately they too, like us, are seeking. And if we don't let them go, we are keeping  away from our destinies. 

It's terribly scary. There will be constant doubts. Temptation to call them back will be rampant. Desire to hold on to them tightly will be intense. 

But only in setting them free can we be free ourselves. Free from fear. Free from expectations. Free from skepticism. Free from being stifled. 

So imagine you are holding a helium balloon string. Open up your fingers slowly. Release the balloon in to the open skies. Look up. Watch it soar. Run behind it for awhile if you really need to. But once it disappears from sight, close your eyes, open your arms and welcome the freedom. The freedom to let other magical things happen to you.

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