Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tears from the heart

A wounded heart that cries no more
Doe-like eyes that tear up daily
A silent spectator, the astute mind
Entreats the value of forgetting

But forgetting is something the heart can't
And eyes, even when closed have your picture trapped
The fingers grope the empty bed every night
The feet has so much more space under the duvet

Even my shadow feels so lonely
When it sees it's hand not holding yours
Tears fall and the heart aches
Or sometimes the tears ache and the heart falls
From a slow motion....

The mind intervenes yet again
Stop...stop..stop... it implores
'There will be others. Love is not lost'

But the eyes look baffled
And the heart is confounded
What does 'others' mean?
And love IS truly gone
It may exist in the world outside
But it's missing from the heart
A hollow ache remains
Where you once resided

'You are being silly' scolds the mind
'End of one relationship is not end of the world
There are friendly ties and family bonds
There are movies and books and parties galore'

But my eyes just crave your sight
My skin simply desires your touch
My ears ache for your sweet nothing's
And the mouth longs for your lips
Even my nose is bereft without your scent

No one else can fill this void
Not for awhile at least
May be someday
But that day is not today

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