Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bikini Body (A Poem)

A bikini body? Well not quite
More like a body in a bikini
With curves and folds
Sometimes more folds than curves
Folding soccer jerseys
While driving a teeny bit fast on curvy bends
Timing is everything
After all little league matches don't happen everyday
Neither do ballet performances
Daily happenings are morning bus rush
Evening homework hell
And weekend extra curriculars
So what is that one additional curve?
Or those innocuously looking folds?
Sometimes accompanied with a stretch mark or two
Or that ominous C-section scar
That voice that says "yes baby I will be with you in a minute"
But the tone that whispers "just another few minutes of peace please"
The hand that grasps the little fingers
The hug that is always a little tighter than expected
The fold in the laugh lines
The curve in the tired smile
Every fold has a story
Every curve a history
But few would care to listen
After all it's only a body in a bikini
Not a bikini body

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