Monday, May 9, 2016

Is silver my color?

A sliver of the moon
Or a lightening strike in the sky
The color of chemically washed pearls
Or a soft silken woven thread perhaps?

A blank sheet of paper
Wondering what color should it adorn?
Brown would be the obvious choice
Black is akin to faking it
A dash of red to spice things up?
Definitely not bold enough for a purple streak

A lone white desirable cloud
In a sea of darkening stormy ones
The glimmer of the North Star
On a blanket of black nothingness

A speck of light, way out in the sea
Distinctive, confident, unapologetic
The color of milky vanilla ice cream
Or dusty graying pages of a forgotten book

I can be poetic about you
I can even try and ignore you
But oh my errant grey strand of hair
What will I do when there are so many more of you? 

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