Friday, August 12, 2016

Six-Word Stories Vol-2

It's said that Hemingway was challenged by his writer friends that no one could write a story in 6 words. He took a napkin from the table at the cafe where they were sitting and penned this. 

Several six-word stories have been complied by Smith magazine with people from all over the world contributing their words which will help you create their story...with only six words.

Here are some from me:

When you left, I lost me.

Unfurled sari, broken bangles, blood-chilling screams.

New yacht. Old Money. Young wife.

Breakup. Lonely. Amazon. Click. Click. Click.

Prison freed me like freedom couldn't.

Advertising lies. Consumer buys. Debt sighs.

His graduation celebration, my empty-nest depression.

High seas sailing, land memories forgotten.

Brown grass, cloudless sky, farmer's death.

Potions spell death outside Harry Potter.

Fairy lights, misty eyes, unused mistletoe.

Do flowers speak better than words?

Jimmy's shoes, Celine's bag, Burglar alarm.

Were we in the same relationship? 

Long flight. Big fight. Whose's right?

Jack, Jill now argue about bills.

Perfect recipe. Sugar, butter, eggs arsenic.

Tears added bitterness to husbands' dinner.

I once loved my wife's lover.

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