Sunday, September 25, 2016

O Weary Traveler- A Poem

O weary traveler
Come sit awhile
Your travels can wait
Your worries will abate
If you just simply sit awhile

O weary traveler
Let your shoulders rest
Take off those bags
Slip into some homely rags
Even strong shoulders need a good slump

O weary traveler
Put up those feet
Put that coffee table to good use
Your shoe rack misses your shoes
Long-traveled legs long for some rest

O weary traveler
Can I help you unpack?
That baggage of painful memories
That load of sorrowful guilt
Lay it all out, step by step

Don't be shy, open it up
Let's show and tell
Believe me I have my share
I carry it around everywhere
I too now need to put it down

O weary traveler
Let's put this baggage down
Come sit beside me
Come sit awhile

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