Thursday, November 9, 2017

Being Me (a poem)

I can only be me
I don't know how to be anyone else
So love me, leave me,
Laugh at me, tease me, 
I will just be me.

Adore me (I like that!), Indulge me (I like that more)
But I will still stay me.

Lust after me, or simply listen to me (ideally do both)
And I will still stay me (thought a teeny bit happier).

Mould me, shape me. And you will be disappointed
Teach me, help me grow, And I will be a better version of me.

Watch me fail...and then let me fly
I will go far, I may go further, but I will remain me.

So take me as I am

I may not be all that you hoped
But trust me...
Being me is like nothing else on earth!

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