Saturday, September 5, 2009

New name, same-old ME

Books and movies make up my existence, when I am not at work or being a kid with Sanil.

I prefer beaches over mountains. Archie Comics over Asterix. Classic novels over modern populist writing. Copy over Art. Coffee over any other beverage. And chocolate based desserts over everything else in the world.

Have an affinity for prison based shows and movies- Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies ever. And yes, Prison Break was pretty cool too (and no, it was not only for Michael Scofield and his tatooed body).

If Jane Austen were alive, I would give the world to spend some time with her. And John ‘Die Hard’ McLane is far cooler than James ‘007’ Bond. (Profound apologies to Bond Fans). Closer to home, Aamir Khan rules, while Shahrukh Khan annoys. (No apologies to SRK fans).

My family is my life and my friends are what make life worthwhile. Food is a passion- cooking it, sharing it and eating it. I harbour dreams of becoming a bartender or running a beach-side book store cum cafe.

Kids are awesome! And their perspective towards life is “awesomer”. (As is their ability to make up words. “Liser” is a person who tells many lies as opposed to “liar” who only tells one lie).

I am a victim of advertising and I know there are many like me (that’s why I am still in the business). New flavours of beverages have to be tried. And anything that screams “sale” is actually an investment.

The sky turns orangy-pink when the sun sets because fairies wear pretty orangy-pink tutus and flitter around in the sky. These and many such stories are products of my imagination.

Coz I believe there is no power greater than the power of imagination. We think we make our dreams, but it’s our dreams that make us.

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