Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Indian aunty art to giving compliments

Have you ever noticed how Indian aunties give compliments? They mean well (or I sure hope they do), but it does not really sound like a compliment even though its intended as one.

Here are my few favorites:

Situation: Lift Lobby
Attire: Jeans and singlet

Aunty: "OMG! Kitni patli ho gayi hain (OMG! You have become so thin!)
Me: Thank you auntyji (in my politest tone- and yes I do have one)
Aunty: Really....bahut jyada patli ho gayi hai (Really you have become very thin)
My Dad: Don't say so much, she will start eating a lot again (Thanks dad!)
Aunty: Nahin pehlein bahut bahut bahut moti thi na (No, earlier she was really very very very fat)
Me: Thank you auntyji (this time feigning my politeness)

Situation: Wedding
Attire: Awesome lehenga with hairdo and make-up

Aunty (looking at me lovingly): Kitni sundar ho gayi hai (You have become so pretty now)
Me: Toh pehlein nahin thi? (You mean I was not pretty before?)
Aunty (too stunned to reply)

Situation: Wedding
Attire: Gorgeous sari

Aunty (to my cousin): You were looking so beautiful at the Sangeet ceremony yesterday…..(after looking closely)…actually that was not you, it was your sister.


Here is a tip aunties, say something nice and then stop. Don’t explain or elaborate. And yes, being little more tactful would go down well too.


  1. ha ha ha this is good. Now you just have to get your aunties to read it pathli ladki!

  2. Here's another one:

    "Seema, u r promoting tact??!!" (looking all stunned)..."India sure has a wonderful effect on u ;)" (expression: sweetly ingratiating...)
    enjoyed ur post! have fun in India...