Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life imitates Art? Art imitates Life?

It happens many times in life that you feel “This is straight out of a movie”. And while you are watching a movie you think to yourself (or mention to the person next to you if you are the “talkative” movie goer) “This would never happen in real life”.

Agree some scenarios from films are extremely unlikely to take place in real life (especially if the movie in question is a commercial Hindi blockbuster or an OTT Hollywood action movie). But we underestimate life. There are so many instances in our lives and lives of people around us that defy all conventions. They are never-before heard stories or never-before seen dramas. But they are true and real and they exist.

You meet a random stranger in a bus queue, ask an innocuous question like “What time’s the next bus” or make a random remark like “Boy, its hot today”, and before you know it you are having a chat with this stranger, start discovering common friends, shared hobbies or mutual dislikes and just like that, you make a connection. With someone who was a complete stranger only few minutes ago. You just hit it off, as simple as that.

You were never supposed to go out that night. It was movie night at home snuggled up on the couch in your PJs. A friend drags you out of the house, you go clubbing against your will, meet a cute guy, fall in love, marry and have his babies (stop being cynical, it happens!).

A one second spilt decision can change the course of your whole life. You can play “What if” scenarios in your head as much as you like. But no one can tell you what would have happened if you would have taken a different decision than the one you took. Is it destiny? Is it fate? Was it bound to happen?

I don’t know. But what I do know is bizarre, strange, unbelievable things happen in life all the time. We just need acknowledge and embrace them.

A little more faith, a little less sarcasm. A little more smile, a little less rolling of eyes. A little more trust, a little less scepticism. A little more encouraging nods, a little less nonchalant shoulder shrugs. A little more belief, a little less doubt. A little more dreamy, a little less real.

Be open to experiences that defy norm. Take decisions that raise eyebrows. Do things that make people a little uncomfortable. Let your life inspire Art. So when a movie is made on your life, it’s not a boring and dull one. But a movie that people watch and say “Hey, that does not happen in real life”.

A game I love playing, try it! Which actor would best portray you on screen? I am torn...Konkana Sen Sharma or Kajol? Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer?


  1. mera toh yahi manna hai ki the biggest mistake one makes is to estimate life at all. whether under, or over. if only we don't try to put parameters to it will we come anywhere close to letting it happen to us, rather than forcing ourselves on to it.

    nice writing though.