Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taking compliments graciously…

…has never been my forte. I simply am at loss to respond courteously when I get a compliment.

“Seema these kebabs are delicious! How did you ever make them? Seems so time consuming”

Regular people’s response: “Thank you. So glad you enjoying them”

The Seema response: “It’s damn simple. Nothing to it. And I think the salt could be lesser”

“Your dress is simply gorgeous”

Regular people’s response: “Thanks!”

The Seema response: “Thanks but it’s really old”/ “Thanks. But it only cost 25$”/ “Thanks but it’s not mine. Borrowed from my friend” (at least I say "Thanks")

“Very good presentation. Well done!”

Regular people’s response: “Thank you.”

The Gloater response: “Thanks. I was working till 2 am on it.”

The Kiss-ass response: “I learn from best. I have observed how you all talented people present, and I can only but try and emulate..blah blah blah...”

The Seema response: “It was easy. No biggie.”

“You have lost weight!”

Regular people’s response: “Thanks! I am working out.”

The Seema response: “Really? No ways! Weighing machine does not say so. Also I have been eating a lot!!”

When I responded to a weight loss compliment like this last week, my friend just replied “May be the last time I saw you, you were way too bloated”. OMG! I complained that he was mean. And he advised that when anyone compliments, one should smile sweetly and say thanks. Rather than disagreeing with the complimentee. (Yeah yeah, Microsoft spell checker has already highlighted that that’s not a word)

The worst one was when a college friend commented on my photo and said “You look just the same as you did back then”. And I turned around and blurted “So I looked this old in college?!”

Sigh! You get the drift….

I think taking compliments is an art. (As is giving them. And here is how NOT to give compliment).

Taking a compliment the Seema-way does one of the following:

1) Makes the complimentee feel you are not gracious/grateful/courteous

2) Gives the impression you are arrogant/too full of yourself

3) Give people another chance to think “why is she so weird?”

So my plan is now to grin and enjoy it…so keep those compliments flooding in ;)

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