Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Be- dedicated to Unni

Just Be

Dedicated to my friend Unnati who constantly reminds me to 'Just Be' and live in the present

Don't dwell on the past
Don't  worry about the future

Just Be

Give nostalgia a miss
Send it off with a kiss
Think about the next day's survival
Only after its arrival

Just Be

FEEL the breeze
Let it tease
SEE the sky
Watch the clouds drift by

Just Be

Savor every bite
Take in every sight
Relish every hour
Caress it like a flower

Just Be

What is today
May not stay that way
What will come tomorrow
May be joy or sorrow

What could've been, should've been, would've been
No one has really seen

So why think of it now?
When we simply don't know how
We didn't know then
We won't know when

The only thing that's certain
Is this very minute

So I hope you can see
Why you simply need to 

Just Be

(Written on the beach in Nice, France)

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