Friday, July 6, 2012

You know you have done something right in your job when

1) there are as many tears as smiles when you are leaving

2) when your farewell drinks/lunches/ coffees start 2 weeks before your last day and continue till the last minute

3) when what you have taught is not only remembered but cherished

4) when you come across many worried expressions that read "now who will do all the work?!"

5) when clients wish you success...and mean it

6) when bosses give you their blessing to move on

7) when peers feel like they are losing a partner in crime

8) when juniors say they are losing a mentor

9) when this more laughter and no sniggering (at least none that you can hear)

10) and when you know that you met people as colleagues and are leaving them as friends

Bye bye my Ogilvy-UL team. I can't believe I wont be there anymore. It's been a crazy fun ride with many ups....and yes some downs, like every exciting ride does.

No more gossip sessions, no more working on decks till 2 mins before the presentation (and continuing making amends in the taxi), no more balcony (no) smoking breaks, no more random chats at each others desks....and no more aunty Jenny's coffee :(

But the world is small and Singapore even more so. So I shall see you all for Friday evening drinks, mid-week lunches and in the lovely world of social media.

I have to sign off now as I have been receiving complaints that my farewell notes made many before your eyes get misty and iPad screens get wet...bye-bye and stay in touch. I will miss you so so so much!

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