Thursday, February 28, 2013

More than just a cup of coffee

Warm mug cupped in hand
The strong aroma rising up
Sunrise, light breeze
A perfect morning

Icy cold coffee
Balmy summer days
Stretching into nothingness
Indolent, easy times 

Shot of expresso
Morning rush  hour
Insurmountable challenges
Easy as pie

Nescafé, sugar, beaten together
Friends, flowing conservations
Rainy, wet afternoons
Blissful beautiful moments

Cappuccinos, lattes, skinny
Open air cafe
Gossip, secrets aplenty
Bonds for a lifetime

Steaming filter coffee
Family game of scrabble
Some sort of squabble
Tons of laughter

It's more than a cup
It's about family, friends and such
It's for highs and lows
It gives the boost
It provides the calm
It's a companion 
It's a confidante
It's what life should be
Fragrant, rich, sweet

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