Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sisters...friends forever

From skipping ropes, to skipping class
From listening to the radio, to dancing through the night
From passing down clothes, to sharing accessories
From long car drives, to long beach walks

From friendship bands, to lifelong friends
From kitchen experiments, to fancy dinners
From sleepovers to sleepless nights
From Archie & Jughead, to Harry Potter
From plastic earrings, to diamond rings
From white canvas shoes, to sexy red stilettos
From sneaking candy, to morning hangovers

From acid wash jeans, to maternity pants
From shoulder pads, to toga dresses
From school uniforms, to wedding saris
From beaten coffee*, to vintage champagne
From tuition classes, to office board rooms
From 'house house', to house wife

From playing with Barbies, to raising babies
From innocence, to life
From coming of age, to slowly ageing
From dreams, to reality
My sister have been with me
From there to here
From then to now
From now to forever...

* beaten coffee is a tradition that exists till day and will continue to do so...

The fabulous summer in Pune and Jyoti's wedding

The last time the Punwani sisters were all together- November 2009

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