Saturday, April 20, 2013

I don't want to forget...

I don't want to forget...

That innocence lies where tantrums now exist

That joy once lived where sorrow now resides

That there is always dawn after the night

But darkness will still follow the light

That the caterpillar will become a butterfly some day

That a cold heart will slowly melt in some way

That faith should never leave my side

And sometimes I need to go along for the ride

That passion can be fury in disguise

And a lunch always has a price

That myths make unicorns

And humans make myths

That while history teaches 

Religion merely preaches

The clouds that hide silver linings

Also give rainy afternoons

That a voice that is angry

Is hiding tremendous pain

And love that let's go 

Is a heart slain 

That sweet smiles hide sadness

And joy is not what it seems 

That the path to true happiness

Simply lies within

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