Sunday, May 5, 2013

Divine Interventions

Divine interventions

Things happen for a reason they say. The reason may unknown to you or not the one you think is right, but its a reason all the same. I read somewhere 'every coincidence comes with its own plan'. So is there such a thing as a random occurrence? Or is everything simply fated? 

I cannot help but wonder, are our paths defined and destinies sealed, or there a chance of some maneuvering...or at least nudging? 

You change your mind at the last minute and take the bus instead of the usual cab. You may think its coz you have finally decided to not be held hostage to Comfort Cabs booking hotline and the CBD surcharges, but the actual reason may be completely different. You could run into an old friend at the bus stop. And delightful conversation could brighten your morning and set the tone  for the rest of your day. Did it occur to you that the 'accidental' meeting could be part of a grand plan? 

If this grand plan exists, who is the architect? The obvious answer would be God. Or the 'universe'. Basically something bigger than you and me. So does this divine power keep track of the 7 billion lives out there? Even with a team of 7 million adept project managers, it seems an impossible feat. And as we all know, project managers are hardly ever adept. But even God found some good ones (may be they exist in the parallel universe), for them to keep track of  every second of every individual's life, appears rather impossible.

So my theory is this. There is a higher power- I call him God- you can call him (or may its a her) anything you like. He develops the grand plan which has a distinct final destination. It's inbuilt in our heads like a chip installed at birth. We go through life subconsciously following it. The destination is fixed. The paths to reach there are multiple. 

There is a straight path. But then only the boring people ever take them. There are crossroads where we have to make the tough choices. There are uphill roads where the climb is tough, but the view from the top is something else. There are obstacle courses, where we emerge stronger on the other side. Then there are scenic routes, which usually take longer, but are filled with surprises at every turn.  Or the downhill slopes where you may lose control. There are the shortcuts which could be efficient use of time, or the shortcuts where you have to make compromises that you will have to live with. 

There are times you will get lost. There are times you will walk on the right path, only to lose your way down the line. And sometimes when you think it's the wrong route, but turns out to be the only one you should have ever considered. 

While we walk these meandering paths, our destination is fixed though we are oblivious about it. So how can we be assured that we shall reach there? That's when we experience a 'divine intervention'. Someone, somewhere, sometime crosses our path and gently points us in the right direction. This person could be a complete stranger or someone you've known all your life. At times the intervention comes in form of a rude jolt like a break-up, a job loss or a tragedy. These interventions are meant to lead us to our ultimate destination. 

I once heard a spiritual leader say these words and they have stuck ever since. 'You think you know everything. You don't know where you came from. You don't know where you are going. You don't know how long you will be here. You know nothing'.

So in this event all we can do is trust the higher power. Surrender to him. And let him guide us along. It does not mean we stop thinking for ourselves. We just trust a little bit more. 

When things don't go our way, 

Instead of  questioning, we believe
Instead of 'why me?', we think 'why not?'
Instead of lamenting a loss, we see what we have gained
Instead of holding on, we let go
Instead of commanding, we concede
Instead of crying, we pray

Lets keep our eyes open for these divine interventions. They come in various shapes and sizes. And sometimes in disguise. An unplanned trip. A stranger becoming a friend. A new career. A different phase. An undiscovered city. A second chance. Or perhaps a totally new opportunity. Don't let them scare you or annoy you. Embrace them and you may reach just where you want to. And in this process, don't forget to ask for help. People who care for you are usually better suited to spot these divine interventions. 

So ask and you shall receive. And stop seeking and you will find.

Am off for brunch and shopping and to see what divine interventions come my way today. 

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  1. The universe is divine and delicious ! you are right. we are all on our journeys where we have to learn our lessons. We have choices to make along the way. Our choices lead us to new places but we can never escape the lessons we are meant to learn.

    Beautifully written. I wish for you all the beautiful and amazing coincidences in life.