Monday, May 27, 2013

Confessions of a control freak

Hold tight, don't let go.
Keep close, don't let it show.
Steady. Don't crumble. 
Control. Don't fumble.

Keep it together.
Do not falter.
Head held high.
Breath. Do not sigh.

Be fearless. Be brave.
There are some close shaves.
But hold the reins tight.
Never give up without a fight.

Persevere. Tirelessly.
Work. Effortlessly.
Focus. Relentlessly.
Improve. Constantly.

When can I stop?
Can I even get off?
Should I release the hold? 
Will it spiral out of control?

I want to try.
To start with a cry.
Then loosen the grasp.
Without so much as a gasp.

To stand back.
And cut some slack.
To cease pulling. 
To stop controlling.

My grip is loose.
And I wish to choose.
Faith over fear.
Smiles over sneers.

I won't be in the driving seat.
My heart will probably miss a beat.
But I will let go.
And the universe will know.

I am ready. I am willing.
And I won't be as controlling.
I will let the universe decide.
And take it all in my stride.

I will try and let go.
I believe I will gain more. 

1 comment:

  1. it's so hard to let go, but such a huge relief when you can. great writing !!