Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mumbai Musings

Only in Mumbai 

- You have to pay $34 for one mojito to watch a gorgeous sunset from a roof top bar- which would cost you nothing if you simply sat by Marine Drive.

- Sari salesgirls promote their product by blatantly acknowledging its a 'ditto Masaba original copy'. Err an original copy? 

- You can try 20 pieces of shoes and leave without buying a single pair after one hour, and the smile from the salesman face won't fade. He may curse you under his breath after you leave, but 'service with a smile' is all prevalent

- A rickshaw driver will waive the change with a 'Agli baar milenge phir de dena'. (Give it when we meet next). With over 300,000 rickshaws in Mumbai probability of that happening is negligible, but the sentiment is heart warming

- An awesome breakfast can be had for less than $3

- Car drivers are gracious and kind, and luxury car owners are rude and obnoxious

- Elitist attitudes gain respect and entry pretty much everywhere. Wearing designer sunglasses adds to the credibility 

- Girls in hot pants and cleavage showing singlets shop for lehenegas 

- Mobile penetration is higher than high school registration

-  Sari blouses are sexier and more revealing than evening gowns

- Eunuchs say you are 'Sonakshi Sinha' and pray you get your Salman*

-  Kids ardently dream of being Sachin Tendulkar more than being Messi

- Sunday lunches with family as revered a ritual as Friday nights out with friends

- Beach welcomes everyone, but the hotel beach front properties won't let you in unless you don't look the part. Again designer sunnies and a attitude always gains entry

- The mind dwells on stress, while the heart beats in hope 

Mumbai is a city of contradictions, an existence of paradoxes. It oozes energy and frowns at failure. Yet it accepts everyone- rich-poor, big-small, smart-dumb, black-white. You make of it whatever you are capable of.

* when it happened to me yesterday I asked him/her to pray for Aamir not Salman. When they complied I gave them Rs. 100 each, thinking its only 50 cents. Yeah, my mental math skills are atrocious. It's nearly $5, but then that's the price of my daily coffee cup. 

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