Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Only with dads...

- You are in your late 30s and are still treated like you are 3- in a lovely pampering way.

- You will be picked up and dropped off when you go to meet your friends who are also in their 30s. You comply because you know he cares.

- You can be selfishly demanding and you know every demand will be met. With a smile or shrug. 

- You are adored more than anyone else in the world. Yes. More than the wife and the grandchild. Though it would not be admitted in public of course. But you know. And he knows you know.

- No one will ever be considered good enough to look after you. 

- You will always be the little princess.

My dad is the only person in the world who cares for me without asking for anything in return. He is protective without restricting, loving without demonstrating, compassionate without pitying and caring without controlling.

He still packs my bags when I travel. Takes me to the doctor when I down with a simple cold. Fixes the light bulbs in my apartment. Buys my favorite walnut cup cake when he is at the bakery. And indulges my every whim.

He is patient with my impatience. Sweet with curtness. And empowering with my fears. He still believes I am capable of anything. He is terribly proud of my independence in every aspect of my life, whilst still retaining certain dependence on him.

He foolishly thinks I am still as pretty and cute as when I was 2. And look as young as I did when I was 12. 

He continues to spoil me. And I enjoy every bit of it.

I love you papa. There can no one who will take care of me like you do.
Happy Fathers Day

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