Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wish List

'Ask and you shall receive'. That is what I was taught by the nuns in the convent school. It's one lesson I never learnt. I can't ask anyone for anything. I may imply things, and my logic is people who know me well enough should know exactly what I want.
I have recently discovered that this is not a fool-proof plan. In fact its a plan for fools. Which is what I am...most of the times...

So I am trying to change, and ask for things I want, or at least need.

Hence when someone asked me to make a wish list of all things I wanted and guaranteed it would be fulfilled, I thought this was my chance to prove I can practice the 'ask and you shall receive' teaching. 

So here goes nothing...

My wish list in no order of priority:

 1) Knight in shining umbrella- I hate carrying umbrellas. So anytime it rains, I want a knight who will give me shelter under his umbrella. Or offer me a spare one. Either way. Am not fussed.

2) Lady's Maid- because of the Downton Abbey hangover, I too want my own lady's maid. Who will do my hair, dress me up and be at my every beck and call. And I want her to be just like Lady Mary's Anna.

3) Personal Chauffeur- With the cab situation in Singapore, this is a very reasonable ask.  I need a personal chauffeur who will be a phone call away. On weekends, he should pick me up on a motor bike, and during office days in a car. It need not be a Rolls Royce. Am not demanding you see. And if its raining, he needs to get the Knight in shining umbrella along, or double up as one.

4) Back and neck massages- Twice a day for an hour each 

5) Teletransporter to Bombay- whenever I fee like a good bhel puri and/or pau bhaji. Or just when I want see mom and dad. 

6) Movie watching partner- Must be happily willing to watch the movie of my choice without any whining. And stand in line to buy the popcorn. Salted. 

7) Sky diving pusher- Someone who would push I.e. encourage me to sky dive and when the time comes actually push me off the plane too. I really want to sky dive, just don't have the balls to do it.

8) Unicorns jumping over rainbows- Yes I know that does not exist. But want someone who can make me close my eyes and believe that it does. 

9) Twinkle Toes- Once in my life I want to dance high heels...and a flamenco skirt...and twirl a fan. All at the same time.

10) Finally I wish for the power to believe that there is genie who will fulfill all my wishes :)

Wishfully yours


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