Friday, November 7, 2014

Romantic Legends vs. Me

I am no Desdemona
To your Othello
I am no Chandramukhi
To the Devdas in you
I surely can't be a Juliet
As life is too precious to me

I am not your Drupadi
Steeped in anger and revenge
I have never been a Sita
Untouched, pious, forgiving

I am not a Jenny
And neither you an Oliver Barrett IV
I can so be a Carrie
But you are no Mr. Big
I am such a Lizzie Bennet
But who can possibly live up to Mr. Darcy?

May be I am a Shakuntala? 
Lost  and forgotten in time
Or perhaps a Radha? 
Loved but never belonged

I am most certainly no Simran
Coz there are simply no Rajs
And am no Mumtaz
Who will get very own Taj

I am not a Rose
Who has to watch Jack die
I want to so be an Allie
But Noahs only reside in Notebooks

I am merely an ordinary girl
With extraordinary powers
Because I still believe
You are out there...
For the Scarlett
To your Rhett...
And you do give a damn

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