Monday, November 3, 2014

Turning 40

Now that I am turning 40 I should learn…

That if you have given it a fair shot with no result, it’s time to give it the boot
That in raising kids you oscillate between complete insanity and boundless love
That all that glitters, in all probability, belongs to someone else
That if he is handsome, charming and funny…he has removed his wedding ring
Or is a nut job

That just when you think someone is normal, they will turn around and gobsmack you...and  how
That eating cake can never be guilt-free, even if its birthday cake
That under no circumstances can you drink a Jacob’s Creek
That everyone has some eccentricities
And when you accept those in others as they accept in you…it’s called friendship
That there are certain types of people you will never relate to

That long walks on the beach actually work
And long naps are a luxury that you must indulge in
That being politically correct is totally overrated
That only way to love is simply unconditionally
And expecting love in return is like wishing the horse were a unicorn
That you can’t fix people, no matter how much you try
And others can’t fill your emptiness, no matter how much they desire

That you can only change yourself and its bloody hard work
That living beyond yourself is needed for yourself
That family and food are the cornerstones of happiness
And when friends are added in the mix, the picture is complete

That surrendering is winning and fighting is…well…losing
That accepting things as they are is the only way to go
And your life will only be as good as you think it is

That 40 is just another number...and if I put my mind to it…I might even believe it

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