Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What we do is not who we are

Being alone does not mean being lonely
Having peace does not mean being passive
Planning does not make one a control freak
And neither weaving dreams a dreamer

Aloofness is not always  a snub
And style may not equate to fashion
Friendship can be garbed as love
Though lust can never beat passion 

Musing does not make one a poet
Or humming tunes transform one to a singer
A sleeper is not necessarily lazy
Nor a worker particularly industrious

What we do and who we are
Is not always connected
Yet we box, we label, we name
We point fingers, we blame

Accept me for who I am
Not for my work or my words
My name or my stature
Nor for my friends or possessions

I am my temper, I am my cruelty
I am my kindness, I am my generosity
I am the storm, I am the valley
I am the noise, I am the silence

I am more than my job
I exceed beyond my education
Don't define me with your perceptions
Or see me through your world view

See me as me, I beseech 
As I see you as you, I promise
I love you for you, I vow
Alas you can love only the blemish-free me

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