Saturday, July 9, 2016

Erasing Memories

I can't write you off the books yet
Or weave you in my life story
You are like that word that keeps reappearing
Sometimes completely out of context

My vocabulary has absorbed you
Like a term used daily
Was there ever a lexicon in my life
Where your name was not present?

May be your definition has changed
Or your meaning has lost its relevance?
Like an oft-repeated but old phrase
That's not kept up with the times

You like an Oxward dictionary word
That can't be searched up on urban dictionary
A single word with two different meanings
One which represents the past, and one that's alive today

My memory of your name is a lilting melody
A sensuous sound that easily rolls off my tongue
The word today sounds bitter, harsh even
Why then can't I banish it from my language?

I wish to erase your name, like words written on sand
That wash away with one tiny wave
That dissolve into nothingness
Without a trace, like they had never existed. 

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