Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rings or Blings

Not having grown up with the concept of wedding rings for men, I fail to notice the obvious i.e. is someone wearing a ring on their left hand ring finger or not? Simple enough, but I simply forget.

Having learnt my lesson the harsh way, now I have made it a practice to observe. And what I have seen is that its either Rings or Blings. Rings say "happily married (well married at least)" and blings say "happily gay".

Blings have potential to become fashion advisors, shopping companions, secret confidantes and great friends (speaking from personal experience). Rings on the other hand, ring alarm bells ansd warning signs "keep safe distance".

This is all for the newcomers in life of course.

For the old ones, they have been beautifully catergorized and fit perfectly in various aspects of my life.

Hope to find categories besides Rings and Blings for the newcomers.

Till then, a toast to old friends- without whom I would never reach where I have today. Love you all! :)

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