Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome Myrah

Dearest Myrah,

Welcome to the world! You will bring lots of happiness, love and laughter to all our lives- I just know it. You will be the turning point, the point where joys find their way back to all of us.

You will smile like an angel and melt out worries and your laughter will be finer than the sound of the ocean waves.

Sitting here, sipping my latte and savoring my scones, I wonder whether I will be getting you here anytime soon? Would you be a coffee addict like me? Or love desserts and sweets as much as your dad and I do? Would you have your mom's easy going temperament? Or my independent streak? Would you be kind hearted and patient like your Nani? Or a friendly gregarious soul like your dadi?

Would Sanil and you grow up to be best friends? Would he be an over-protective big brother? (I would lay my bets on that).Would you both enjoy the same movies, love the same books? Would you be a big Hindi movie buff like me? Or an art-lover like your mom? Or perhaps, a bit of both?

I don't know...and frankly I don't care.

All I know is that you will bring lots of happiness, love and laughter to all our lives. You will love me and I will love you back a hundred times over. I can't wait to hold you in my arms, to watch you take your first step, to buy you loads of birthday presents and to be your friend always.

Can't imagine feeling so much love for someone I have never met. But I do.

Love you always

Seema Bua
(written on 28 June 2009 at 3.15 pm SGT at P.S. Cafe, Singapore)

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