Tuesday, August 18, 2009


For the ones alien to this term- it is the Indian equivalent of cutting classes. "Let’s bunk this lecture”. Ummmm brings back such sweet memories.

You bunk a lecture and the possibilities are endless….

- Matinee (morning show of a movie for the uniformed)
- Chatting over “cutting” (or Nescafe for moi) at college canteen coupled with inane conversations
- Popping by to nearest fast food joint for a not-really-needed meal
- Whiling away hours at Prithvi Café
- Standing at the bus stop and watching cute guys go by (shoot! I still do that!)

So this morning when I was walking back from my client meeting, I decided to stop over at the Starbucks for a coffee with a colleague. We sat outside as it was a pleasant morning. And when I looked up, I could see the horizon past the tall buildings, beautiful green trees and feel the lovely soft breeze blowing.

At that instant I knew if this was 10 years ago (give or take a few years :) I would have definately bunked the next lecture and made my friend do the same, and just stayed outdoors.

Sigh! I so wish I could do that this morning as well. It took all the will power in the world to drag myself into work. The price one pays for being a grown-up right?

But all day I could not shake the feeling. So when I stepped out for my usual quick-salad lunch, I took a detour back to office and stopped at the same Starbucks. Indulged in another coffee and added a chocolate hazelnut muffin for good measure.

I sat outside with my book- Chicken soup for the coffee lover’s soul (so apt!), and simply idled the next 30 mins away. Then it started to rain and the trees looked greener, the weather turned cooler and the desire to just stay there even stronger. But once again, made my way back to work.

However felt rather rejuvenated after those small stolen moments.

Now if only those moments could have been in the college canteen with my dearest friends…life would be so much sweeter…


  1. Feel left out here... Never bunked ever. :). Well written.

  2. No Kidding! You never bunked! We shud hv been in college together...wud have made sure you bunked lecture and went for a movie :)