Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kismet Connection

The title is to distinguish from the Shahid-Vidya starrer. And I hate the Ekta Kapoor and KJ fixation of force fitting “K” into everything. But hey...I usual...
The point I am trying to make is Connections and how our Destiny or Kismet makes us come in contact with them.

· Why does it happen that even if you barely know someone, you feel you have known them all your life?

· Why does it happen that your paths cross with people who have had such similar life experiences as you, that it gives you solace knowing you are not alone?

· Why does it happen that you can meet someone after a decade plus, you can start off just where you had left off?

· Why does it happen that at every twist and turn of life there is a person waiting with a surprise for you?

· Why does it then happen that that person does not stay and be a part of your life?

· Why does it happen that people, who have been a part of your life forever, drift apart?

· Why does it happen that things said and done by random strangers can bring tears to your eyes?

· Why does it happen that certain people have the power to make you smile every time?

· Why does it happen that something that is so wrong, feels oh-so right?

· Why does it happen that something that should so obviously be right, feels so wrong?

· Why does it happen that one chance encounter transforms into a lifelong friendship?

· Why do certain people make us feel that there is a connection beyond the obvious?

Sigh...I can only ask the questions and don’t think anyone has any of the answers. So my conclusion is that there is a higher power than all of us. A power I call Krishna and you could call Jesus or Allah or Guru Nanak.

But it’s that mighty power that decides at what step of life, what kind of person we shall need. And He* transplants that person in our lives to give us the push we need, the sympathetic ear we were craving for, the sense of humour we had lost along the way or simply to be there for us to reach out whenever we need or desire to.

What we make out of these connections is up to us. Sometimes we make the wrong connection with the right person or a right connection with a wrong person. Sometimes it’s a cross-connection** and its takes time to figure it out and get out of the entangled web.
But at all times, there is the connection. That’s what makes us human- the ability and power to connect with others around us and influence their lives while they touch ours.

Let’s open our hearts and minds to these connections and embrace them. You never know which one connection might change your life forever!

* Who decided God was a man? With intense fear of my feminist friends, I do think He is. God cannot be a woman. A woman’s heart would never be equipped to see all the pain in the world and still manage to run it.

** Cross connection- a concept that’s probably known in India and to Indians alone. When your phone line “crosses” with someone else’s and you can hear the other party’s private conversations, while trying to hold your own. You never know who and what you might overhear. Life’s little surprises, which since the advancement of technology have probably ceased to exist.

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