Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I hold that summer in my heart

I hold that summer in my heart

The summer of love
The summer of innocence
The summer of joy
Of pure indulgence

The summer of youth
Of fun and laughter
Of frivolity and silliness
And all things that matter

The summer of friendships
Filled with lazy beach walks
Ice creams, carnivals
And long telephone talks
It was a happy time
With few worries on the way
Some crushes that crushed you
But just for a few days

It was easy to pick up the pieces
And cycle down the garden path
To stop and smell the roses
To hear the wind chimes dance

I hold that summer in my heart
When friends were close to touch
And spirits were high without the wine
And heart was joyful with so much

Sometimes even today
When I close my eyes tight
I feel that summer in my heart
And I know everything will be alright

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