Friday, April 17, 2009


Wouldn’t it be great if we could delete people from our memory as easily as we delete files from our laptops? We simply click ‘yes’ for the prompt that says ‘Are you sure?’ and then that’s it. The person is gone from our memories…forever!
Every pain they ever caused us is forgotten. Evert hurt they ever gave us is gone. Every tear we shed because of them is dry. They have disappeared from our life like they never existed.

If I could that, I could move on. Else I get stuck with the “What-if” syndrome. The scenarios range from the bleak to the blissful. The latter much scarier than the former. As my imagination runs wild creating these false illusions of ever lasting happiness. When the reality is far far far from it.

Why do we expect people to feel about us the same way we feel about them? And when they don’t, we despair. Broken hearts for the extreme-minded like yours truly come to play. In such situations the DELETE FROM MEMORY function would be a boon.

Flight of fantasy again…we can’t delete people our memories. Not going to happen. But we do have the power to choose the memories. Choose the cheerful ones, the ones that fill your heart with delight. Just remember what gives you peace and happiness. For the unpleasant ones, well, they will make an appearance….acknowledge their existence and then hit the imaginary DELETE button in your mind. POOF! It’s gone.

Now if I can only convince myself to act in this manner….


  1. Love the IDEA ;) Loved the part "But we do have the power to choose the memories" Totally beleive in that.
    I feel why we donot have the optin of DEL these ppl become insignificant the day we choose to not give them any importance in our minds. They then become ppl who just came to our life to play their roles in our growth process :)

    Nice reading :)
    Cheers !

  2. I like what you wrote about choosing not give people importance and thus making them insignificant. Well said!

    I have started following your blog. Love what you write.