Thursday, April 23, 2009


Finally! I have broken from the shackles of taxi rides to work! I take the Shuttle Bus and it’s fabulous.

Shuttle Bus trumps over taxis because:

a) Evil people can’t steal it (like the B%^%& who stays in my condo and stole mycab last week)
b) You don’t have to listen to the driver’s choice of radio station, even after you have told him to switch the radio off…politely…
c) You don’t pay ERP J
d) You can overhear interesting conversations, and it’s not considered eavesdropping ;)
e) There is a possibility of catching the eye of a cute fellow passenger (but sadly they all wear ties and work in CBD which potentially means they work in a bank/financial institution, which definitely means they are, well, I will be polite and say ‘not my style’)

Sitting on a window seat of a bus is a very calming experience. As you see the world pass by, your thoughts fly from the mundane (to-do lists) to the exotic (what if I could just sail away in that boat I see). And it takes me back to school days when I took the 255 from Santa Cruz to Juhu.

A bus ride allows you to catch a snooze, read a chapter of your book or just reflect before the events of the day come flying at you.

And on the way back, its 96.3 FM hindi songs all way long. Cannot be a sweeter end to the day.

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