Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have a heart

Do they have a term for foolish acts done in an aware state of mind? It’s not a mistake- as I knew what I was doing. It’s not impulsive- as I have been thinking about it. And it’s certainly not smart.

So why did I do it? My heart desired. It begged me to indulge it. To make it flutter once again. To make it hope. To make it love.

And I abided. Knowing full well that my heart will break...sooner or later. For its sake, I hope it’s later.

But I had to take the chance. I needed that leap of faith. Will I land on feet or on my face and break my nose, I don’t know. My brain tells me it will be the latter and is warning me of the consequences.

My heart however, is dreaming again. Hoping again. Desiring to love again. A teeny part of it knows, the dreams will be shattered, the hopes will be unfulfilled, the desires will need to be tamed. But right now my heart awaits...with bated breath...for its destiny to come for it.

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